Last year, a friend asked for some feedback on a website and video. Always happy to help, I gave some constructive feedback but it wasn’t entirely positive. The video talked about the benefits of acquiring Gold in small amounts as a way of inflation-proofing savings for the future. It was very simple and straightforward, but the video didn’t do it justice.

A few weeks later, they gave me a gram of Gold as a thank you. Not just any Gold, but 999.9 pure 24 karat Gold from an LBMA approved refinery, complete with security features and certification to prove it was the best form of Gold available, worth around £50:


A few weeks later I signed up to save Gold regularly with Karatbars, since it retains its value far more than the ‘fiat currencies’ we are used to, increasing in value by an average of 12% a year – slightly better than the 0.5% rate you get from banks… and even that is hard to find right now!

Headquartered in one of the toughest countries for financial regulations, Germany, Karatbars International has the simple aim of making Gold bullion available to anyone. Not only do they provide the gold in cards as shown above, they also now have Cash Gold, again with the actual Gold embedded in the product, starting at 0.1g (approximately £5 currently):

Shops and businesses can register with KaratBars as a K-Exchange and accept Cash Gold as payment for goods and services, or exchange Cash Gold with local currency. I will be accepting Gold as payment for all IT services, and also offering Gold as “cashback” on some services… So you could soon get FREE Gold from me!

They have also recently launched KaratPay – a digital wallet, backed by real Gold, where account holders can transfer Gold to others. Think of it like PayPal for Gold.

Now, not only am I a customer and account holder, but also a VIP Business Partner, helping others to open a FREE account so that they can also buy and save in Gold. I’ll be adding more information online very soon, but if you would like to know more please get in touch.

You can see the latest version of the video that started this journey (it has improved since) on the webinar presentation page, or go ahead and signup for a free account.

If you want to know more, please get in touch!

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